Делчо Манолов


President and senior coach
Sports klub kickboxing and tae bo aerobics „TANGRA-SPORT“
From June 2004
1985 – 1995 Lifeguard – Black Sea – Bulgaria.
1995 – 2004 Senior lifeguard and lifeguard instructor – Black Sea – Bulgaria.
2003 Worked as a scuba diver and scuba diving instructor and participated in underwater archaeological expedition of the Black Sea – Bulgaria.
2003 – Director of „Rescue operations“ to „Aqua Park“ Sunny Beach – Black Sea.
1985 Electrician in underground mines.
Maintenance electrician, „Bulgartabac“ AD – Bulgaria.
Maintenance of electrical appliances for household and industry.
2004 Set up my own business – Tangra sport Club. Sports coach in Kickboxing and TAE-BO aerobics.
2005 Coach in disabled tennis on court.
Tangra Sports Club has been very successfyl, producing many medals and national champions.